Thousands of fires per month on average How electric bikes prevent non-combustible


Thousands of fires per month on average, How electric bikes prevent non-combustible

Electric bicycle fire accidents are frequent

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On May 10, an electric car exploded in an elevator in a residential area in Chengdu, Sichuan province, injuring several people, including a baby.

Not long ago, a fire accident in Beijing once again aroused the whole society's concern about the fire safety of electric bicycles. In the early hours of September 20, Zhang, a tenant in a district in Tongzhou District of Beijing, brought an electric bicycle battery into the room to charge a fire that killed five people.

The day before yesterday, there was another electric bicycle in Hefei city charging in the home caused a fire accident. On the evening of November 7, an electric bicycle of a resident in Hefei City caught fire while charging in the house. Fortunately, firefighters put out the fire in time, did not cause major damage and casualties.

As the number of e-bikes continues to rise, there are many related fire and explosion accidents. As far as Jinan, Shandong Province alone, as of September 2, Jinan City listed electric bicycles have reached more than 3 million vehicles, this year the city police to deal with 51 electric bicycle fires, of which 28 were charged fire, in the process of self-ignition fire has 17.

In Zhejiang, about 25 million e-bikes are registered. According to the local fire department statistics, in the past three years, Zhejiang due to electric bicycles caused by fire safety accidents reached 1861.

Looking at the whole country, in recent years, China's annual sales of e-bikes more than 30 million units, social ownership of more than 300 million vehicles. According to the Emergency Management Department Fire and Rescue Bureau data, since this year, the country has occurred more than 10,000 electric bicycle fires and caused casualties, showing that e-bike fire safety management still has more difficulties and pain points.

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Production and marketing with all links fire hazards

Industry insiders pointed out that the electric bicycle repeatedly occurred behind the fire accident, there are products unqualified technology, illegal modification flooding, charging irregularities and many other hidden dangers.

The quality of the electric bicycle itself is not up to standard or exceeds the standard. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, unauthorized reduction of standards, the production of substandard quality chargers, not according to the requirements of the use of the corresponding wires, nor the correct installation of protective devices, coupled with unreasonable assembly process, but also easy to cause fire safety accidents.

- Sales market to provide electric bicycle battery modification business. In order to meet the needs of some users, some informal manufacturers or individuals will modify batteries, and in order to save costs, remove the battery protection frame, reduce the battery collision resistance, increase safety hazards.

Reporters for this random covert visit to the streets of Hangzhou several electric bicycle shops, a number of shop owners have said that they can add money for e-bike replacement of larger capacity batteries. "The expanded battery is actually a larger time bomb." Hangzhou Fire and Rescue Branch technical experts said that these privately modified electric bottles in order to reduce costs in the assembly process and core selection is difficult to guarantee, the probability of accidents is also multiplied.

- E-bike charging is not standardized. At present, the problem of e-bike parking and charging has been the pain point of governance. Reporters in many neighborhoods in Hangzhou to see, many owners in order to facilitate charging, their electric bicycles through the elevator directly to their own door to charge, or take the battery home to charge, which in fact has a great security risk.

"Batteries generate a lot of heat during charging, and if the internal temperature is rising or the temperature between the unit batteries is uneven, there is a risk of overheating and explosion." Wu, a technician at a battery manufacturer in Zhejiang, said.