Electric scooters have finally been recognized as the first national standard to start


Millions of vehicles sold every year! Electric scooters have finally been recognized as the first national standard to start

In 2020, about 1 million electric scooters will be sold in China, known as "short-haul walkers", while accidents will occur from time to time and the lack of right of way will be controversial.

According to QYResearch, 4.25 million electric scooters will be produced in 2020. China's production reached 3.64 million units, accounting for more than 85% of the world's total production of electric scooters, and most of the electric scooter products in Europe, the United States and Japan are also imported from China.

As there is no national standard in the field of electric scooters in China, the market supervision authorities lack the basis for the quality supervision of electric scooters, resulting in uneven product quality, consumer safety and experience have been seriously affected.

November 16, "electric scooter general technical specifications" national standard launch will be successfully held on the line, it is learned that the main drafting unit of the standard is Wuxi City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and the company's subsidiary Ninebo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

As China's first national standard for electric scooters, the standard stipulates the requirements of electric scooters, test methods and specifications, with the aim of further regulating the industry to a healthy and orderly direction.

As one of the drafting units, No. 9 has participated in the revision of domestic and foreign standards of more than 30 items.

According to the company's 2021 semi-annual report, in just six months, the company's intelligent electric scooter sales have reached 172.39 million units, achieving sales revenue of 3.323 billion yuan.

In addition, No. 9 also has an absolute lead in the overseas electric scooter category, according to the global five major market research companies GFK report data show that from January 2019 to February 2020, No. 9 electric scooter products in Germany, Italy, Spain market share is the first.

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