The world's first electric scooter appeared 105 years ago!


The world's first electric scooter appeared 105 years ago!

Electric scooters seem like a new fashionable means of transport, the streets have their figure, people ride it to work, school, ride. But little is known about the emergence of electric scooters in the last century, a hundred years ago people, will ride electric scooters for a ride, and some people use it to commit crimes.

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The electric scooter of the last century

Recently, the Daily Mail published a black-and-white photo of the scooter, which has attracted public attention. This photo was reportedly taken in 1916, when there were already "electric scooters", mostly powered by petrol. Scooters became wildly popular during World War I, in part because they were so fuel-efficient that they provided transportation for many people who could not afford cars or motorcycles.

The photos also show a range of well known figures, such as The British activist Lady Florence Norman, who rode her scooter around London in 1916, and the suffragette.

Some businesses have also tried the novelty, such as the New York Postal Service, which uses it to deliver mail.

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In 1916, four special delivery postmen at the U.S. Postal Service were experimenting with their new tool, scooter, called Autoped. The image is part of a group of scenes showing the first motor scooter boom more than a century ago.

Tools have different uses in the hands of different people, and when scooters fall into the wrong hands, they become tools of crime. For example, some gangs in New York use scooters to escape police pursuits.

After World War I, scooters cooled down

The scooter boom was once popular, but soon after the end of World War I, electric scooters disappeared. Its usefulness is challenged, such as weighing more than 100 pounds (90.7 pounds) and being difficult to carry.

On the other hand, as is now the case, some sections of the road are not suitable for scooters, and some sections of the road are prohibited scooters.

Even in 1921, Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson, an American inventor of scooters, abandoned manufacturing and improving the two-wheelers, saying they were outdated.

The use of scooters is still controversial

Last year, scooters became popular again in the UK, with scooters putting hundreds of cars on the streets of the UK. There is still controversy about the use and safety of scooters.

Some people think that they are an effective alternative to traffic and do not bring pollution. Pilot schemes are being launched in some areas, such as London and Oxford, to encourage people to use scooters to travel. But Plymouth Police warned that road regulations still apply to non-test areas, meaning riders could be arrested in non-test areas.

But others believe that scooters are dangerous, too many people use scooters to pick up passengers, there are safety risks. Some children as young as 10 are also dangerous when they ride on scooters.

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